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Fees & Charges

Charges are based on how long it takes to do the work, and also the technical difficulty of the work. So for example routine bookkeeping will be charged at a lower rate than complex tax consultancy work.

Circumstances vary widely, but as a rough general guide a simple tax return might cost around £95. A small sole trader requiring a simple set of Income and Expenditure accounts and a tax return could be around £195 to £245 a year. Larger business requiring full accounts, including balance sheets, will start from around £400. These figures are intended to reflect the annual cost including calculating tax liabilities and dealing with HM Revenue & Customs.

Charges increase by 5% in November, 10% in December and 15% in January ahead of the 31 January tax return deadline. These increases will not be applied unreasonably, so for example if work is undertaken in November due to delays on my part, the increased rate won't apply. This is to encourage work to be brought in early, as workloads often become excessive ahead of the tax return deadline.

Work is normally billed after the completion of the accounts and tax returns, though it may be billed on a quarterly basis if the amount outstanding exceeds £50.

Discounts are given for prompt payment, and payment by regular bank standing order.

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